Recording New CD: Scheherazade

The Scheherazade cycle, by Ali-Reza Mashâyekhi (born in 1939), is a true masterpiece of Iranian piano music. Composed in 1992, it seeks inspiration in the story of King Shahryâr of Persia and Shahrzâd, from the Thousand and One Nights, but moves it to a psychological plane, expressing the inner duality of the subject and the terrible struggle which it causes within the psyche.
Articulated in nine parts around a short tale (an adaption of the ancient story by the composer himself), the recording will alternate piano music with interventions by the Narration of Djamshid Chemirani and the improvisations of Keyvan Chemirani on Tombak (iranian percussive instrument).

Sound engineer: Vincent Mons
Piano tuner: Joël Jobé