Triofane 3mg

Triofane3mg is a local trio against clogged ears. It decongests the eardrums, diminishes stress and fluidifies pleasure in listening, thus clearing the auditory, visual and respiratory systems. It releases silence and sounds which, by their vibrations, keep mosquitoes and worries at bay.

Triofane3mg comes as three instruments: a violin, a piano and a clarinet (propellant-free sprayer).
Precision of dosage and good dispersion of sound are guaranteed by its content.

1mg violinol/violahol with Valérie Bernard
1mg clarinoxyl with Blaise Ubaldini
1mg pianoxen with Layla Ramezan

Warning! Use of Triofane3mg may lead to a strong dependence. However, as the product is not harmful, it is strongly advised to use it without moderation and over a prolonged period.

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